Fraternal regards to all. May the M.H. protect you and your families until the next time we meet.


To Be One... Ask One

In Memorium

  • Bro Jack Peggie died December 31st 2015.
  • R.W.John Windsor died December 5th 2015.  
  • W.B. George Tanner died August 13th 2015. Master of St. James Lodge 1990.
  • W.B. Richard  Reynolds Died 20th June 2014. Master of St. James Lodge 2008.
  • Bro Don Miousse passed away 23rd December 2014.

Past Events


Was attended by a small number of players but a good time was enjoyed by all. 

The Annual Golf Tournament

‚ÄčThe tournament took place in July 2016 at the 17 Wing Golf Course. Jim Macklin  was winner for the men and  Mrs  Wilkes for the women. Everyone else was a winner also, as the food was excellent. Many thanks to those who organised the tournament.

The 100th Anniversary Banquet
The Banquet was held at the St. James Legion on the 5th of May 2012. Spouses and Honoured Ladies and Brethren from Brother Lodges and the Deputy Grand Master were on hand to celebrate the auspicious occasion. The food was excellent and it there was a most exhilarating atmosphere. Comments were nothing but positive. A large thank you to the organising committee, and those who assisted in any way. Thank you, We can now look forward to our 150 anniversary.

100th Anniversary Meeting
The Canada Room was the scene of our 100 anniversary at the Masonic Memorial Centre.We rededicated our Lodge and members to the principles of Freemasonry.

All the Grand Officers were in attendance as were all the Officers of our Lodge and lots of members on the sides. There was great work accomplished and the social hour that followed was excellent. A good time was had by all.

Officers for 2017/2018

The following were elected/appointed for the the 2017/2018 Masonic year:

  • W.M. W.Bro. Nigel  Osborn
  • IPM   W,Bro  Murray  Goodman
  • S W --  W. Bro. Eric  Huntley
  • J W -- Bro. Kelly  Switzer
  • Sctry --W. Bro. Ronn Anderson
  • Treas--W. Bro. 
  • Chap--Bro. John Clarke
  • S D-- W.Bro. Jim Macklin
  • J D--  Bro. Ken  Morley
  • I G--   Bro.  Nathan Jansen
  • Tyler--W. ro. Dave Shefford
  • D of C --W. Bro Gerry Roe 
  • S S   --  TBA
  • J S   --   TBA

May  Calendar

3rd    GP Meeting 7.30pm

10th   Regular  Meeting  7.30pm

26th   Historical Lodge  Meeting, Austin  8pm

June 25th  Lodge Golf and Dinner ,

                    At 17 Wing Course.


Sept  9th  BBQ at Nigel's  Homestead,

               starts  about 3pm. 

May  Birthdays  

 21st   Michael  Hickey 

 21st   Gerry  Roe 

 28th   Glen  Thorsteinson    


 June  Birthdays

16th   Ken  Morley

21st   Stewart  West

25th   Gord  Wilkes

July  Birthdays 

1st   Dave  Pratt

6th   Jacques  Ouellet

8th    Eric  Huntley

28th   Jim  Macklin

August  Birthdays

8th    Dan  Jonsson

10th  Edison Arauz

14th  Bob  Gill

26th   Richard  Smith