Freemasonry traces its roots to the middle ages.  It is from the guilds of operative, or stone masons, who built the magnificent cathedrals, castles, and monasteries of Europe from where the fraternity evolved.  These guilds eventually began to accept members who were not actual working, but speculative Masons.  At that time they adopted the term “Accepted” Masons, and Freemasonry was born.

When you choose of you own free will and accord to become a Freemason, you are not only taking the first step in your local community but a step on a global scale. Freemason’s are spread over the whole of earth’s habitable surface and where ever you may travel, a Freemason and Freemasonry is never far away.  If you choose to seek answers of your own research’s and make profitable your heart from unbounded charity, and you seek to serve your fellow man, explore this website further, we welcome you to St. James Lodge.