DDGM Visit 2017

The DDGM R.W. Bro Gary Hartzemberg brought greetings from the Grand Master M.W. Bro Tom Love and his line of officers. He noted what a pleasure it was for him to visit St. James Lodge and congratulated the W.M. and his brethren on running the meeting. He mentioned how nice it was to see new members as our newest brother Ferrous Ahmed was in attendance. He said that he was looking forward to his year as DDGM. His theme this year is “The Way Ahead” with members fading into old age and not being replaced as a result declining membership. He purposed a question, “what can we do”? How do we increase membership without activitly recruiting. He mentioned he was looking forward to to discussing his questions at repass. The DDGM finished his visit with a pitch on the Mason’s Care Program, this programs raises money every year to purchase a van for Cancer Care Manitoba.